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The Glowing For Grand Haven Event

July 19th & 20th, 2013

The Glowing for Grand Haven event is established in partnership with the Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy Group and will be held as the Grand Haven Spring Lake Waterfront Holiday Inn Signature Event, to reoccur annually. The event will incur proceeds positioned towards the restoration of the Grand Haven Lighthouse and Foghouse. The event will cohesively unite locals and tourists, strengthen community outlook, while creating an annual signature event for the Spring Lake Holiday Inn and establishing an ever growing fund for long term management and upkeep of the Grand Haven Lighthouse.

Thanks to all our 2012 Sponsors and Artists!

The Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy has officially approved our request for support for the 2013 Glowing for Grand Haven Event. The planning has begun, watch for our updates on our event by following the Glowing for Grand Haven Facebook!


The Holiday Inn Spring Lake is looking for donations from local artists to help support the success of the Glowing for Grand Haven Silent Auction. Profits will be directly given to the Lighthouse Conservancy on behalf of all sponsoring artists. Accepted types of art will include pieces that represent the Grand Haven Lighthouse and Foghouse (i.e. paintings, pendants, sculptures, quilts, etc.).

Artists who donate item over $150 in value will receive one free signature Glowing for Grand Haven t-shirt. To donate please fill out the donation form below. For questions in regards to the overall event and acceptable pieces of work for the Glowing for Grand Haven Silent Auction please contact Kendra Higgins, at




Not only will sponsors find satisfaction in donating money towards the preservation of an iconic Grand Haven landmark – that thousands of tourists flock to throughout the year – sponsors can find themselves on a multitude of advertising pieces. The degree of advertising for each sponsorship level vary, and can include but are not limited to the following:

Holiday Inn Spring Lake Website, Social Networks, Mlive, WGHN Radio and through various marketing pieces.

Title Sponsor: $5,000
Title Sponsor of the event would be considered a “partner” and would help ease the expense of the event and advertising costs. The¬† title sponsor can find company recognition on all advertising efforts and media outlets.

Element Sponsor: $2,500-$4.500
Element sponsors will cover the cost of specific elements (that of which are chosen by the Glowing for Grand Haven committee), with company recognition announced on print advertising efforts.

Patron Sponsor: $1,000-$2,000
Patron sponsors will cover the cost of the Glowing for Grand Haven Black Light Party giveaways, with company recognition announced by the DJ throughout the night as well as posted throughout the venue.

Shining Sponsor: $250
Shining sponsors receive company/individual name recognition on the back of the events signature Glowing for Grand Haven t-shirts as well as well as on the Holiday Inn Spring Lake website.

Glowing Sponsor: $100
Glowing sponsors receive recognition as a sponsor on the Holiday Inn Spring Lake website.

*All sponsorship money received as a title, element, and patron sponsor will go towards the production of hosting the Glowing for Grand Haven event. All profits will be given as a donation to the Lighthouse Conservancy on be half of all sponsors.